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Animology® Pet Grooming Products in Kenya

If there is brand that says pet care excellence, it has got to be animology brand of pet grooming supplies. Animology is an award winning pet care product brand that is trusted by pet owners, vets and groomers as well as  championship show dog owners around the world to deliver the very highest standards of pet care.

The vegan formulation of the animology dog sprays is unique and has increasingly become a favourite of dog lovers around the grobe and more so in Kenya. Animology Dog Shampoos have won awards for their range of shampoos and sprays.  Leading products in the range include Stink Bomb, Puppy Fresh and  Paws & Relax aromatherapy spray. Rinse Shampoo specially created to easily clean your dog without the need for water, stress or mess.

The Animology company is based in the UK and has been making pet care products of the highest standard around. Their unique brand and quirky product names are instantly recognisable, and you’ll find Animology in more than 50 countries globally. These grooming products have a strong following by pet owners, retailers, vets and groomers, as well as championship show dog owners, which means the proof is in the pudding.

Animology pet grooming products on sale in Kenya

From detangling shampoo, to shampoos to deep clean extra dirty coats, shampoos for white coats, sensitive skin, curly coats, puppy coats, to deter ticks and fleas, and to bring out your dog’s brightest colours. So if you are looking for the highest standards of dog grooming supplies in Kenya, look no further.

This is a brand that you can be proud to stand behind. What makes Animology products unique is that they contain no animal-related by-products, nor have they been tested on animals (in the unfriendly way).