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BEWI DOG® Line of Dog Food in Kenya

BEWI DOG® offers advanced nutrition for dogs of all ages, lifestyles and breeds. Made with with high quality ingredients for superior nutrition, Bewi Dog food is a great choice for a balanced, healthy and nutritious diet. This top brand of dog food is made in Germany by the Bewital company. At Bewital, vets and nutritionists work on developing the best recipes. These form the basis for procuring high-quality ingredients, including poultry, fish, rice, fats, minerals and vitamins. What results from this science and effort is premium dog food that you pup is bound to love.

Bewi Dog food is now available in Kenya for all dog owners. When shopping for your dog’s food whether in Nairobi or Kisumu, be sure to try Bewi food.

Shop BEWI DOG Food Online in Kenya

BEWI DOG® dog food offers recipes for each age group and activity level as well as products for special dietery requirements. This premium dog food brand is manufactured in Germany. Strict controls ensure consistent quality. BEWI DOG® does not contain artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

Bewi Dog For Puppies & Young Dogs
  • Puppy milk
  • Puppy
  • Junior
For Adult Dogs
  • Balance
  • Basic
  • Basic menu
  • Sport
  • H-energy
  • Mini sensitive
  • Lamb & rice
No grain formula
  • Sensitive gf
Adult Canned Food Selection
  • Venison
  • Lamb
  • Poultry
  • Chicken
  • Tripe
  • Veal
  • Beef
  • Poultry hearts

BEWI DOG® has been a reliable pet food specialist company since 1984.  They stand for reliable quality and excellent value for money. Enjoy the range of Bewi Dog Food from Petsasa Pet Stores.