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Proline Chicken Puppy Food

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Proline Lamb & Rice Adult Dog Food

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Proline Range of Cat Litter, Cat Food & Dog Food in Kenya

Being in the pet industry for many years has brought Liderpet group to the realization of Proline range of pet products for cats and dogs. Now, pet owners in Kenya get to enjoy the full goodness of these products, from cat litter to food for cats, adult dogs, puppies and kittens.

Proline Cat Litter

Cat owners understand how important it is to properly take care of the kitty’s toilet needs. If your cat uses a litter box, getting the right cat litter is equally important. Proline cat litter is made to meet specific needs. It absorbs moisture and forms clumps that keep the smell locked. It addition, it has minimal dust. That is why many cat lovers prefer clumping cat litter. In addition, Proline cat sand is available in a vareity of scented and unscented litter (Proline Bentonite Marsaille Soap Scented)

Proline Adult Dog and Puppy Food

Your puppy and adult dog have not been left behind. The Proline adult dog food is available in wet canned food as well as dry dog kibble. Puppies can also enjoy a hearty meal from the puppy food section.

Proline Kitten and Adult Cat Food

Feeding your cat right is sure a top priority. When choosing the right food for your cat, Proline cat food could be the magic bullet that you are looking for. Whether your furry friend feeds on wet cat food or dry food. Chicken, lamb, beef, liver, salmon and trout are some of the flavours on the offering.

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