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Whiskas Cat Food in Kenya – Buy Online

There are a number of reasons why Whiskas is one of the most popular brands of cat foods in Kenya. Apart from making some very delicious meals for cats, the Whiskas® has been making food from the year 1958. With all that food making experience supporting the brand, it is no wonder why many purrents choose Whiskas® as their go to choice for kitty nutrition.

Cat’s love Whiskas food. Almost any cat owner who has fed their little ball of fur some Whiskas will attest to this. From the delicious wet cat food that comes in a variety of flavours to the meaty nuggets of crunchy dry kibble cat food, there is something for every cat. The foods are categorized by age so that you can shop for kittens, adult cats and senior cats.

The 12-pouch packs of wet Whiskas food are the most popular in Kenya. Over the years, the iconic purple boxes have become mainstay of cat lovers who shop for their cats at Petsasa, be it in Nairobi or Mombasa. The Whiskas kitten food is a must try for new cat owners. For the senior cats who need special diet due to their advanced age, Whiskas senior food is a good choice.

Benefits of Whiskas Cat Food

  • Tried and tested brand with decades of experience.
  • Wide variety of foods and flavours for all ages of cats.
  • Convenient packs
  • Ready to eat wet and dry cat food

When you think about buying food for you cat in Kenya, think about Petsasa pet store, the home of pet brands, including Whiskas, Reflex, Bonnie and more. Shop online and enjoy fast, easy home delivery.

Whiskas Cat Food Kenya