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Bravecto Flea  Tick Solutions in Uganda For Cats & Dogs

Fluralaner, branded as Bravecto® is a systemic acaricide and insecticide use for control and eliminations of fleas and ticks on cats and dogs. Bravecto is administered orally or topically as directed.  Bravecto in Kampala is sold at  pet store Uganda. Petsasa is the leading online pet shop in the country, operating from Kampala. Bravecto is a trusted brand recommended by veterinarians around the world for long protection against ticks and fleas.

Benefits of Bravecto (Fluralaner)

  • Fast acting
  • Long lasting
  • Trusted by veterinarians
  • Guaranteed protection

Dosage for Bravecto (Fluralaner) is prescribed according to age. For dogs, we have chewable tablets while for cats we have drop on solution.