Due to the ongoing indiscriminate harassments of motorcycle delivery personnel by police in Nairobi, your order might not be delivered in time until further notice. We are sorry.

Due to the ongoing indiscriminate harassments of motorcycle delivery personnel by police in Nairobi, your order might not be delivered in time until further notice. We are sorry.

Pet Microchipping Service in Kampala Uganda
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If you are away from the city or there are no Petsasa partner vets near you, you should consider ordering the microchip online. It is easy to buy, implant with a local vet and register online.


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Learn About Pet Microchips in Uganda

Frequently Asked Questions On Pet Microchipping

What is a Pet Microchip.

A pet microchip or simply chip is very tiny chip that is permanently inserted under your pet’s skin using a syringe.

How does a pet microchip work?

The Petsasa microchips for pets are the size of a tiny grain of rice.  Each of these chips has a unique number that is linked to your pet’s information and any other contact information that you provide during registration. The unique number can be read by passing a microchip scanner near the chip on the pet. We keep an secure database of this information.

Does a microchip help if my cat or dog  is lost?

Let’s say your pet pet get lost. Then, someone finds you pet. They may take them to a vet clinic or animal shelter nearby. Most veterinary clinics in Uganda have a Petsasa microchip scanner. When they scan the pet, they will get the unique number which we will use to get your contact information and reunite you with your pet. In additionally, your pet will carry a Petsasa pet name tag that has our contact information that we can be reached on by anyone who finds your pet.

Is there a microchop registry in Uganda?

Petsasa maintains the largest independent pet and companion animals microchip registry in the country. Our database is available globally too.

Will the microchip track my pet’s location?

No, microchips do not track the location of your pet. What tracks location is a GPS tracker collar. That is a different kind of tracker altogether.

My Pet is Already Microchipped. Where Can I Register?

No matter when or where your pet was microchipped in, you can join the Petsasa registry and enjoy the benefits of our local and international reach. 

Does a microchip need batteries?

No. A microchip does not need batteries. It uses a technology that utilizes the ability of the scanner to power the chip momentarily and read the unique number.

Where Can I Get My Pet Microchipped in Uganda

By the time of writing this article, Petsasa is the main provider of pet microchipping service in Uganda. You can get your pet microchipped at Petsasa or through our network of partner vets and vet clinics countrywide. In addition, the Kennel Club also offers this service.

How Much is Microchipping a Pet in Uganda

The cost of pet microchipping service may range from 500 Ksh onwards. Ask your vet about the Petsasa microchip programme or talk to our customer care representatives who will advice accordingly.

Questions? Write to us or call in and one of our pet care experts will be glad to discuss with you.

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