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Dog Bowls and Feeders in Kenya

Dog bowls and feeders are a must have for dog owners. One of the first thing one gets for their dog are either a food bowl, a food mat or a feeder and a water bowl. This is because, just like humans, we realize that dogs need the dignity of feeding from a clean, decent container.

The vast selection of bowls and feeders at PetSasa will give you many choices to pick from.

Treat toys are a kind of dog toy that dispenses dog food and treats while the dog plays with the toy. This type of feeder toy is great for keeping a dog active and healthy.

Dog slow feeders offer a controlled feeding rate to a dog to avoid the dog gulping down the food so fast. This is useful for training the dog to eat slowly. For the outdoors and active dog owners, we have portable and collapsible outdoor dog bowls which are used as a fetch toy too.