Flea and tick treatment solutions for pet cats and dogs in Uganda

6 Flea Treatment Options for Your Dog or Cat

If you discover that your dog or cat is being bothered by external parasites like fleas, don’t panic! You and your pet are not alone (literally). Fortunately for both of you, brilliant minds have been tackling the problem for years, and there are many flea solutions available in Uganda. Whether you are seeking to eliminate a current flea infestation or want to focus on prevention, here are six treatment options:

  1. Spot-on flea treatments
    Spot-on treatments are usually applied to the back of your pet’s neck, where the ingredients are absorbed into your pet’s skin. These treatments provide a month’s worth of parasite protection, which is long enough to kill the adult pests and disrupt the cycle of potential juveniles. For maximum efficacy, be sure to closely follow the manufacturer’s application instructions.
  2. Oral flea treatments
    Prescription oral treatments such as comfortis/trifexis are also available from your veterinarian. Used regularly, advantages include long-term flea protection with minimal effort and less exposure to chemicals for your children. Some pets may experience potential side effects, so be sure to talk with your veterinarian about side effects before beginning treatment.
  3. Shampoos
    Flea-specific shampoo, when used along with other flea treatments, can be helpful in abating a flea infestation. In addition to cleaning agents, these shampoos feature ingredients that are designed to kill and repel parasites.
  4. Flea collars
    Flea collars can have varying levels of efficacy depending on the brand. Many provide flea coverage only for the area immediately surrounding the collar. However, flea collars can be effective when vacuuming during an infestation. Place the flea collar in the vacuum bag or canister before vacuuming. Any fleas picked up while vacuuming will be killed by the flea collar.
  5. Foggers
    Have a serious flea infestation? When used together with a spot-on or other flea product that contains a growth hormone regulator, foggers can help kill the fleas that have taken up residence in your home. Foggers act by releasing a mass misting of pesticides into a room. While foggers can be helpful, they are not always foolproof, and fleas can hide in places that a fogger cannot penetrate.
  6. Sprays
    There are a variety of sprays available on the market. Some are applied directly to your pet and some can be applied to your furniture, your pet’s bedding, or your carpet. Still others are specifically for use outdoors in your yard. Select a spray based on your level of infestation. In the case of a serious infestation, a spray may also require spot-on or oral flea preventative treatment to get the infestation under control.