Flea & Tick Collars for Dogs

A go to tick and flea solution for pet owners is dog flea collars and dog tick collars. These collars have active ingredients which effectively repels and or kills adult ticks and larvae.

How Do Flea & Tick Collars for Dogs Work

Flea collars work by either emitting a pesticide into the area around your pet, or releasing one that is absorbed by your pet’s skin. There are also chemical-free, water-resistant and odorless varieties.  Some flea and tick collars remain effective for several months, meaning you won’t have to apply monthly treatment.

Shop Dog Flea Collars in Kenya

When it comes to buying fleas and ticks solutions in Kenya, you have options. Flea & Tick collars are one of those options. That’s because they are so simple to use. Just put them around your dog’s neck and wait for the action. Additionally, they normally last longer than other solutions, with some protecting the dog from parasites for up to 8 months.

What’s the best dog flea & tick collar in Kenya?

The best dog flea & tick collar for you dog will depend on your pet’s needs. For deterring or repelling the occasional pest on walks, a high-frequency collar or herbal repellent collar may be appropriate. For more serious flea issues, a collar with a long-acting insecticide and insect growth regulation chemicals may be the best choice. Either way, you can talk to our vets about what product might be best for your needs.

Where To Buy dog flea & tick collars in Nairobi or Kenya ?

The widest range of tick and flea medication for dogs as well as collars for dog can be found at Petsasa petstore. Shop online at Petsasa pet shop to enjoy fast and convenient delivery countrywide.

Best Flea Collars and Tick Collars For Dogs In Kenya