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Congratulation! Now, we will help you get the basic essentials needed to get you started on this exciting journey.

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All In One Kitten Bundle

Congratulations! Your kitten has found a new home. Now, you want to make the little cat as comfortable as possible. Where do you begin? If you are like me, you have gone online an searched for an answer. Good. Now that you are here, we will make it even easier for you. We have curated a bundle for new kitten owners. The Petsasa kitten starter bundle includes all the essentials you need to get started, from food to play, to comfort and toiletry .

Food; Nutrition To Stay Active

Let us talk food! Kittens are completely weaned at 6-8 weeks. If the mother is not there before this age, the kitten bottle below can be used as an alternative for feeding. After 8 weeks, introduce the kitten to wet food or moistened dry food. Ensure clean fresh water is accessible at all times.

Toilet Needs

Cat litter and cat litter box will allow the kitten to meet their toilet needs hygienically and make it easy for you.
What you need: 1 litter box, 1 litter scoop, 1 bag of litter. Luckily, all our litter boxes come with a free scoop.

Important Kitten Accessories

There are certain things that are universally considered as kitten basic accessories. While the list is long, our kitten expert has selected a few top choices. You can always come back for more after your new kitten has settled in.

Kitten Supplies Shop - Petasa Online Pet Store

What an exciting day when someone gets a new kitten. It can be scary too. You might as yourself: What do I feed this tiny animal? Will the kitten pee on y bed?

We have created this special shopping page to try and take the burden off your shoulders. This is the first kitten shop ever in Uganda. On this page, you will find the basic essentials that you would need as a new cat owner, whether this is your very first time or it has been a while.

Where to Shop For Kitten Supplies in Uganda

When you shop for your kitten supplies needs of Petsasa pet store, you can be assured of quality products, world-class service and fast & efficient delivery. We deliver to Kampala and countrywide (Over 100 towns in Uganda). We ship orders on the same day or next day.