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Dog Perfumes, Colognes & Deodorizing Sprays in Kenya

Want to buy some dog perfumes, colognes & deodorizing sprays online that will keep your pet fresh? We have a collection to get you started and keep your dog smelling fresh for long. At Petsasa petstore in Kenya, we feature many quick and easy-to-use products that help to keep your adult dog or puppy smelling fresh. From deodorizing sprays to colognes, we have what you need to cuddle up close with your furry friend. There are so many brands, scents and ingredients to choose from that it can be difficult to decide on just one.

If you need some dog colognes but do not know where to start, we recommend trying the Animology of doggie sprays and perfumes. They are award winning pet care products that are trusted by pet owners and groomers worldwide.

So, come on to Petsasa and shop the widest selection of colognes and perfumes for dogs.