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Best Cat Water Fountains & Waterers in Kenya

Apart from cat food, your feline friend requires water to survive. Lots of water. In fact, medics tell us that your cat’s body weight is approximately two thirds (2/3) water. That is a whole lot of water that needs to be replenished frequently. Naturally, cats prefer fresh flowing water to standing water like the one in a bowl. A cat water fountain is an ideal way to keep a cat hydrated as well as happy.

Due to the dry nature of dry cat food, your cat might need water more regularly than you would imagine. At Petsasa pet store, you will find the best cat water fountains and waterers for sale in Kenya in addition to cat automatic feeders.

We believe that every pet owner should have the luxury to offer their loved pets the best life possible, and we are happy to help. Order cat water fountains for your furry friend and have it delivered to you fast and efficiently.